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Email of the Day: Picknett and Prince Changed Their Mind

December 19, 2011

imageA reader writes:

Just heard from Picknett and Prince. After reading the ENEA Report the conspiracy theory duo have changed their mind. Leonardo used an excimer laser instead of a camera obscura, they now tell us. Look for a new book and National Geographic special.

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  1. AnnieCee
    December 19, 2011 at 7:38 am

    Those two are a little scary looking? I googled… I see that they specialize in weird stuff. Why not? People love weird stuff and they’ll buy the books. Well, some people will. I’m not too interested. Never read the DaVinci code, didn’t see the movie. Can’t be bothered.

    I’m a little amazed that there’s such intense interest in the Shroud. In fact, I’ve wondered if the Shroud fans spend as much time reading their Bible as they do studying every possible detail about the Shroud. That’s not intended as an insult, I’m impressed with the scientific knowledge and details that are available. Who knew? I’m glad somebody is covering it, it’s obviously worth covering since some people have been Saved because of the Shroud.

    I’ve been thinking that maybe God preserved the Shroud for this time of extreme apostasy and blasphemy. I like the theory that the Shroud is the Sign of Jonah for this generation. I’ve learned some interesting things on this blog site. :)

  2. john macgillivray
    December 19, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    People won’t read a bible that they don’t believe in…but people will read a bible that they can be convinced is actually true…via the shroud.

  3. AnnieCee
    December 19, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    I don’t think the Shroud is the only “proof”, there’s plenty of evidence to confirm faith for those who believe. This whole thing about “proof” is becoming more and more annoying for me. I kinda think God feels the same way because there’s a lot of arrogance behind the demand for “proof.” And even though the Shroud is compelling… it’s not exactly proven either. It’s just very very compelling.

    And “compelling” seems to be as far as God is willing to go with any of it. The “proof” always falls a step short. Tantalizing… alluring… compelling… but not quite.

    God has been generous with His gifts. So, in return, He expects us to do one simple thing. Just one simple, easy thing: to believe. Jesus wondered over and over why it was so difficult for us to do even that. And when His closest friends failed to believe, despite all the miracles they had seen, it grieved Him deeply.

    We have an obligation to make a real effort at faith. It doesn’t cost us anything. We don’t need to make public declarations, we can do this privately between ourselves and God where nobody is looking.

    We live in a Christian nation (supposedly) where opportunities to hear the gospel and read the Bible are abundant. We don’t have any excuse not to try. It’s right there in front of us like a smorgasbord.

    We have dozens of Bible versions to select from, something for everyone. We don’t realize how abundant our opportunities are, unless we look back into history and discover what it COST over the past 2000 years in order to lay this lavish smorgasbord before this unbelieving generation. God has had mercy on our indifference, our arrogance, even on our blasphemies by laying the very Shroud of Christ before us as “proof.” This is more than we deserve… WAY more than we deserve.

    There’s proof aplenty for anyone who is truly honest in their search for Truth.

  4. Ron
    December 19, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    It’s true Annie, God has given us plenty of evidence, even Proof!, just look at the Miracle of Fatima for one….It really happened, and before 70 thousand people, one being my grandfather. I also agree, and have stated before on here, that the Shroud was created for our generation ‘in particular’, that fact is obvious, as so much of the Shroud’s details could only be seen in the last century or so. We in this generation, in fact have much more evidence then anyother generation before us. In the middle and dark ages most people were never able to read the bible, at all! That was left to the clergy. One thing I can say about the Shroud; It has compelled me to study the scriptures much closer then I ever had before, and in doing so has allowed me to get closer to Jesus.


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