imageA reader from Annapolis writes:

Five tweets from Max Patrick Hamon via this blog arrived while I was in line at Starbucks this AM. I like Max because his blogments usually fit in a single tweet or two. The barista wondered why I was laughing. There was no way to explain. Here be the tweets:

  1. Archaeocryptologically speaking, the Shroud man image formation process implies “a contact and gradual loss of contact process”.

  2. Such a process is consistent with the corpse (in hyperthermy or not) being tightly wrapped up into the Shroud soaked with ///

  3. /// a watery solution and subjected to a fumigation. When will you consider the possibily, for God’s sake?

  4. It is due to “a self-controlled or autoregulated mechabism”…

  5. It is a physico-chemical reaction!

  6. ROFLMAO!!! I will consider the possibility when I know what you are saying. What does archaeocryptologically mean? Is this image formation process you are talking about a hypothesis, theory or what? Is there some science behind it? Hey Max, you were going to provide a copy of the paper that was omitted from the proceedings at the Frascati conference. Can we expect it soon? I mean it was submitted, so can’t you just send it along by email?