Tis the Season of Anti-Christmas Billboards

imageThe Huffington Post and CNN are reporting American Atheists Holiday ‘Myth’ Billboards To Go Up In New Jersey, Ohio, Florida (VIDEO):

American Atheists are planning to put up more holiday "Myth" billboards this year.

Last year, the atheist organization’s "Myth" campaign featured billboards with phrases such as: "You Know It’s A Myth. This Season, Celebrate Reason," the Christian Post reports.

But this year, the group’s planning to erect signs featuring images of Santa, Jesus, Poseidon and the devil next to the message: "37 Million Americans know MYTHS when they see them."

What so motivates Dave Silverman and American Atheists? Frankly, I’d think it was silly if it wasn’t such a moneymaker for them.

3 thoughts on “Tis the Season of Anti-Christmas Billboards”

  1. I have to work at not being angry with all the blasphemy. As the Bible says, “In professing to become wise they have become fools.” Anyone who has actually worked at being a Christian and KNOWING Christ in personal salvation and relationship knows how wrong these blasphemers are. But they can’t be convinced, and one of the main reasons is because they forcefully reject the testimony of believers. It was quite a revelation for me when I read the story Jesus told about a beggar and a rich man. The rich man in hell begged Abraham to send Lazarus back to warn his brothers on earth of the judgment to come: but Abraham told him that the brothers have the testimony of the prophets. And if that’s not enough for them, nothing is.

    There is enough evidence of God, right here. Nature itself speaks of the glory, care, compassion and glory of God. In addition, there is the testimony of those who love God and know Him. If these things are not enough, then Jesus HIMSELF said (through the parable) that nothing else will do it.

    For one thing, this gives confidence to those who believe in Jesus. Our testimony is not a little thing, in fact: the testimony of believers is everything. It is the testimony of believers that has caused Christianity to endure against all odds. This is amazing power, when you read the history of the church. I’ve been reading the Seventh Day Adventist histories by Ellen White: I don’t agree with their legalism, I’d be reluctant to join the SDA: but she did write some fascinating books on church history.

    Anyway… the blasphemers will not be stopped even though they walk on very dangerous ground. They heat up their own punishment with their relentless mockery, I am truly concerned for them and I wish I could put some sense in their heads.

    But I also figure this is another symptom of the end times, and so I am learning to look up when all these distressing things happen around the world. The rise of atheism is just another symptom, and if this is the way it has to be until the Lord Returns, then let it heat up. The sooner Jesus returns, the better. The Bible does say that God will speed things up toward the end (shorten the days or hasten the days), so I think we’re on a roller coaster ride now. Sure feels like it.

  2. I’m 100% with you Annie and to say the least, quite sad seeing things as they have become. Personally, I meet alot of young folk thru my work. Raise the issue of God to them and they mock. Alot of the youth I meet today are simply Godless and follow the trend to thus.But most disturbing to me is some of my close friends and family members who have thru all the anti-religious athiest propaganda, are following that same fine line…it’s hurts the heart immensly, but like you I try to keep looking up and hope for God’s forgiveness for them.

  3. Yes, I know what you mean about how it hurts the heart. Bless you for that, it shows you have the spirit of God in you. I pray for my friends and family a lot too, I worry about them for the same reasons.

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