A reader writes:

imageWe have been taken on something of a ride across a desert on a horse with no name. Prof. Dr. Max Patrick Hamon has stirred up a dust cloud and nothing else.

The professor is an archaeocryptologist, which according to him is someone who is an ancient enigmatic image, inscription and artefact analyst and cryptanalyst. This wasn’t clear so I tried to find it in the Dictionary Of Occupational Titles but without success. I then read a description of the Office of Studies and Research ArchéoCryptologie because Dr. Hamon is the founder and director. Can anyone explain what dowsing exploration and ES detection by consensus map (intuitive archeology) has to do with this field of endeavor? Dowsing? Using a divining stick? ES? Extra Sensory?

Prof. Hamon tells us that he has discovered that the Filas, Whanger and Maroni identified coin images are not there and that he can prove it, optically and numismatically.  DO SO!!!

He claims on the other hand to have found a blood decal image of a Pilate coin. SHOW US!!!

It seems rather unfair to come to a public forum to make claims about intriguing patterns on the eye areas that are supposedly substantiated in a paper that no one can read.

I suggest that Prof. Hamon, you, Yannick and the others give it a rest until Dr. Hamon produces a paper. Will it be possible to get the paper peer reviewed by another archaeocryptologist? Is there a journal?

Was a paper to be published after Turon, Poland? Does anyone know?