film, digital sensor, Shroud of Turin, whatever

imageIt seems as though the author of gointothelight thinks the Shroud of Turin is some sort of photograph:

I was thinking about HDR (high dynamic range) photography the other day. . . . Let’s start with what dynamic range is. I’m gonna butcher it up a bit here. To be honest, I skimmed a PhD thesis worth of stuff on dynamic range in the last hour or so while contemplating this article. It’s deep and I’m gonna gloss across the top.  Dynamic range is essentially how many zones, or f-stops of data your medium (film, digital sensor, Shroud of Turin, whatever) can capture without losing information.  In other words, how much contrast can you capture?

Wonder why? We are seeing many more “off the wall” references to the shroud than we used to. Anyway, the posting has nothing to do with the shroud. But if you are interested in photography, this posting and the whole blog is very interesting.

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  1. Interesting how people stumble upon your stuff. To be clear, I’m not specifically convinced on how the Shroud came to be, although I have read several books on it, nor was I really alluding to that. However, you could potentially treat a piece of cloth in a way that it could capture an image. (If figure the dynamic range of the shroud is about 1/2 f stop ;-)) So by using it as an example I was able to quickly bring an image to mind on an alternative media. It was a metaphorical shortcut. I’m glad you were able to get by that and enjoyed the rest of the blog! Thanks.

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