imageIn my opinion, nothing hurts the credibility of legitimate scientific and historical Shroud of Turin research than linking it with talk about UFOs, crop circles, etc. I’ve criticized Andrew Silverman for past radio interviews. It really doesn’t matter what he says when he gets on shows like, "Thresholds Into Other Realms: All aspects of the paranormal realm, UFO’s & extraterrestrial life”

Here is the billing for the show on October 9, 2011

On tonight’s show we finish up our Chicago Ghost Conference interviews.  Then we have a truly amazing in-depth discussion about The Shroud Of  Turin with Dr Andrew Silverman.  We discussed the Shroud with Dr. Silverman before, but this time we dig deep into facts…..and what we find is amazing!

Listen to the show on their website; better yet,  download the mp3 file so you can listen to it on a better player with useful timer controls (e.g. Windows Media Player, iTunes, a portable MP3 player, etc.). You need to move forward to about 59 minutes into the show for the telephone interview with Silverman.

Some of it is good. The explanation of the reweaving repair that messed up the carbon dating is excellent. Some of it is really weird; in my opinion la-la land. It is pseudoscience. And for some who care, it is theologically strange. But all of that is my opinion. You need to listen, yourself.

Hopefully most people did not hear the show and it is unlikely that all that many people will listen now (except that I am asking you to do so). But do so with the understanding that the association to the show, to all things paranormal, to UFOs and such, is damaging.

10/9/2011 « "Thresholds Into Other Realms"