A reader writes:

Of course Sullivan is right. Every random Catholic does not believe at all times that the Blessed Virgin was literally transported into the sky rather than dying – as required by a binding, infallible papal edict. A solid percentage question it all of the time and some like me don’t really  believe it at all. In fact, I doubt papal infallibility. Does that make me a bad Catholic? In the eyes of some, perhaps. I don’t think so.

But Sullivan is also wrong. Does he really think that every random fundamentalist believes at all times in a literal interpretation of Genesis and the Christmas story. Infallibility claims are not solely papal and intellectual doubts are not solely Catholic.

I would not take his one-sided thinking to heart when it comes to thinking about the shroud. But then, I don’t  really understand what you are trying to say. Does anyone?

I will get back to you after I think about it some.