imageYannick Clément dreams of the day when our religion doesn’t get in the way of objectivity in shroud research. I agree:

There’s nothing at all in the archaeological and historical findings that are linked to the time of Christ in Palestine to suggest such an idea… The answer given by Rabbi Samson H. Levey says it all ! I’m always amazed (and also very sad) to see intelligent people like the Jacksons being fooled by their faith when it comes to examine the Shroud ! I dream of the day when scientists will examine the Shroud without any religious pre-concept in mind… I dream of the day when scientists will examine the cloth as a potential burial Shroud of the first century and not as the potential Shroud of Christ and the only witness of his resurrection (and maybe a survival piece of the last supper) ! Because I believe it’s an authentic archaeological artefact, I think that’s what the Shroud really deserve !

This idea that the Shroud would have been the tablecloth of the last supper is ridiculous, not based on real scientific evidence and, in the end, it’s a TOTAL NON SENSE ! Imagine 2 seconds the Jews using an unclean tablecloth as a Shroud for someone they thought was the Messiah !!! Ridiculous… And this idea that the disciples used a long tablecloth for the last supper (on one single and long table !!!) is influenced by our modern lifestyle and not based at all on the jewish lifestyle of Jesus time.

As Ray Rogers once said (and he was dawn right) : “Too much utter nonsense have been published (in Shroud research) and it has destroyed the credibility of Shroud science.” THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO SAY…

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