Out of a college course:

I believe that The Shroud of Turin is another example of forgery done with good intentions. The Shroud of Turin is said to have the image of Jesus Christ burned into it from His resurrection; it is also said to be impossible to imitate. Even if it is “impossible” to imitate, there is still the question of its original authenticity. The Holy Shroud has never been proven, and because of this, I find it hard to accept as a miracle. The Catholics have no written claim of the Holy Shroud in the Bible, which makes it even harder to believe. Again, I believe that people came up with this idea in order to persuade people to come over to the Catholic faith.

Sadly, yes, it is enough reason to not believe. But where, in this, is the reason to believe? Read 2011 CE: Life and Times of Caitlin Elizabeth: Final wherein she writes:

I believe I deserve an A in this class. I earned a B on the midterm, and I’ve never missed an unexcused class. I’ve devoted a lot of time to this class especially on the midterm and final. I also read the Reader and kept up with my postings.

Maybe you do. I hope you get it.