imageA reader writes:

I just happened to notice that the history channel is now shipping “Jesus: the Lost 40 Days”, ahead of schedule and they have about 10 reviews. Five people give it 5 stars, 1 gives it 4 stars, 1 gives it 3 stars and 3 give it only 1 star. Overall that is 3.5 stars. I bought mine at iTunes. I certainly give it 5 stars.

Maybe 10 reviews is too few. By comparison, The Real Face of Jesus DVD has 115 ratings and 4.9 stars.

I looked at Amazon. They say that Jesus: the Lost 40 Days has not been released yet. Their price is $19.99 compared to History’s price of $24.95.

You can still get both of these Shroud of Turin based specials at iTunes for $3.99.