imageYannick Clément writes as a comment to Press Release: The Institute on Religion and Science of the Regina Apostolorum on the Shroud of Turin « Shroud of Turin Blog:

Interesting news. I just hope M. Di Lazarro will be kind enough (and honest enough) to expose, along with supernatural hypothesis, like flash of light or energetic discharge coming from a corpse, other natural hypothesis like the Maillard reaction or the Volkringer pattern… Unfortunately, those natural hypothesis (who have not been tested that much) don’t seem to have to favor of many researchers these days. Maybe it’s because they are not spectacular enough for a supposed shroud of Christ ??? That’s what I think.

Well, at least we can mention it here. I really miss Rogers. For starters, everyone should read: “THE SHROUD OF TURIN: AN AMINO-CARBONYL REACTION (MAILLARD REACTION) MAY EXPLAIN THE IMAGE FORMATION” by Raymond N. Rogers & Anna Arnoldi.