imageI forgot about this; time to get reading. It was to be out April 7th and I didn’t check back until now. The English language paperback edition is available from several retailers in the U.K (but not Amazon). Prices range from $11.42 to $19.12 U.S. plus shipping. Previously, it had been announced that Amazon would offer the book for $14.63 U.S. or 10.99 Euro but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Even so, a Kindle edition is available from Amazon for $7.50. I just ordered it and will try to dig into it this weekend. Here is a publisher’s description":

The Templars and the Shroud of Christ is the second book in this series by Vatican historian, Barbara Frale. The Knights Templar – the most powerful religious-military order of the Middle Ages – almost certainly looked after the mysterious shroud that is now kept in Turin. Worshipped in a relentlessly secret manner, and known in its intimate nature by only a handful of the order’s officials, the swathe of fabric was kept in the central treasury of the Knights Templar, who were known for their expertise in the field of relics. In an age of doctrinal confusion, the shroud might have represented for the Knights Templar a powerful antidote against the spread of heresy. By tracing faint clues concerning the shroud’s movements during medieval times, Barbara Frale reaches back into the centuries and explores complex hypotheses on the shroud’s origins and offers a new viewpoint on this controversial relic.