imageGoogle lists, in English, based on two search terms, shroud and turin, that must be found together:

  • 57,000 Adobe Acrobat Documents (pdf)
  • 386 PowerPoint Presentations (ppt)
  • 249 Flash Presentations (swf)
  • 4,160 Word Documents (doc)
  • 2,960 Video Files (mostly in YouTube)
  • About 1,921,000 Ordinary Web Pages (html, shtml, etc.)

Of course there are many others in Italian, French, Spanish and many other languages. Not all of these files are about the Shroud. Some merely make a passing reference to it. But having randomly scanned about 100 pdf files, I found that 93 contained substantive content about the shroud.

imageI imagine that many ordinary web pages are less relevant as one pages through the list. The are lonely heart sites telling you how to contact the Shroud of Turin for a carbon date, maybe dinner and a movie. There are countless pages encouraging you to visit Turin to see the shroud. You can buy wall art and Tee shirts and coffee mugs of the shroud, even beach towels.