Groom, in the middle of the Texas panhandle was founded in 1902. By 1946 the population had climbed to 475; by 2000 it was 587. It has shrunk a bit since then to about 500. (The Google mapping car has been there so there is a picture of the town below the fold.)

There is a big, 190 foot tall cross in Groom. You can see it from as far as 20 miles away since the land is flat and treeless.  The only thing that could block your view would be an occasional cow. At the base of the cross are 14 life-sized stations of the cross.

Groom also has another sightseeing wonder. The Leaning Tower of Groom. Like the one in Pisa, Italy, it wasn’t meant to be that way. And like the one in Pisa, tourists travel to the town to see the leaning water tower before it falls over someday.

Did I mention that Groom has a Shroud of Turin museum, complete with a full-sized replica of the shroud and a video lecture.

From the guestbook at the Shroud museum:

I am a long haul truck driver and I have been there several times now. And each time is a more moving than the last. My husband who is a non believer was even moved. I got there for spiritual uplifting and it helps me through rough times. I got weather it is day or night, or sunny or raining or snowing. When ever I got by I need the lift I go. The Lord with provide. I am so thankful for this place. God Bless the builders and the creatures. Thank you and God Bless, The Rigdon Family-Machine Gun, Dutchess and Brutice