imageHere is how Craig Kennedy in the Weekend Forecast – Living in Cinema  describes the limited engagement opening of the movie “I’m Not Jesus Mommy.”

Well, I guess you really can’t help me turning this water into wine then, can you? Horror flick about a woman who turns to human cloning to solve her little “can’t have children” problem. All is swell until weird shit starts happening around the kid and she finds out that her son was cloned with DNA taken from the Shroud of Turin. I shit you not.

I blogged about it before: The Film – I’m Not Jesus Mommy. I should mention that I got a note from Vaughn Juares, the film’s director. It read:


Your blog is cool. We researched the Shroud a lot before deciding to make this film. Of course it’s not likely (with current technology) to extract good DNA samples from the Shroud, but the potential is there, of course, to find DNA from any number of sources on the material itself… who knows what the future will bring.

The conflict of faith and religion have always been good “movie material” and this is no exception.

Thank you for noticing our labor of love.

I’m waiting for a review from someone who has seen the movie.