imageBigr writes:

Apparently D. Porter, you didn’t watch all of the evidence presented in the History channel’s, “The Real Face of Jesus.” The way it was determined how light could produce the ‘precise’ image of the face of Christ is explained very clearly. It can’t be proven at this time that the person whose image on the shroud is actually the Christ, the image does exactly depict the Gospel descriptions of the suffering Christ. The fact that the face cloth (also described in the Gospels) precisely holds the image and stains in a perfect alignment to the shroud is even further testimony to the authenticity of the cloth as the burial cloth of Jesus. There have been pollen samples held within the cloth of plants that are indigenous to the area around Jerusalem.

The carbon dating was also thoroughly debunked by artistic impressions that predate by hundreds of years the carbon dating. This then becomes a case when the evidence supports the Gospel story in every detail.

Be not faithless, but believe.

In a feat of modern technology, a life-sized head of the man of the shroud was created. Using a printer – scanner and printing an image of the head on a two dimensional surface, the precise image appeared that exactly matched the image on the shroud.

BigR: Ray Downing, who did the work that shows “how light could produce the ‘precise’ image of the face of Christ,” is a friend. I’ve discussed his “feat of modern technology” with him. It is very convincing. Even so, I am not personally convinced. How it could and how it actually did are not the same. Though Ray and I may disagree on this particular point, it was an honor to be in that wonderful History Channel documentary with him. (I was the big guy too wide for the wide screen TV).

That doesn’t mean that Ray and you aren’t right. I’m not there yet in my thinking. That’s where faith and belief are helpful. So thanks, BigR.

Everyone: Check out his great blog, Big R’s World.