imageI remember reading the following paragraph and an entire article by Danusha Goska on Barrie Schwortz’ website. I remember calling Barrie and telling him how true this seemed to be. (Barrie, do you remember?). At the time I put a link to it at Shroud Story.

How pleased I was to see this again. It is an elegant argument for authenticity. Danusha, thanks for blogging it.

If the shroud is a forgery, where are its precedents? Where are the other forged shrouds like it? Where is there evidence of practice shrouds of this type? If the technology to create the shroud was available in medieval Europe, where are other products of this technology? Humankind is an exhaustively exploitative species. We make full use of any technology we discover, and leave ample evidence of that use. Given the lucrative nature of the forgery market, why didn’t the forger create a similar Shroud of Mary, Shroud of St. Peter, Shroud of St. Paul, etc.? And why didn’t followers do the same?

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