imageWhat? From Buddhist in the Bible Belt:

Sometimes I take in one of those Shroud of Turin shows on NatGeo or the History Channel. The shroud, in case you did not know this, is a piece of cloth with a radiographic image of a guy who looks remarkably like Jesus. Supposedly the image was made as His body dissolved into light, which is pretty interesting because, uh, you can only see the image with a radiograph.

imageWhat show ever said “you can only see the image with a radiograph?” This painting is from the 16th century. The artist must have been able to see the image without radiography, which wasn’t possible before the discovery of x-rays in 1895. Millions of people lined up to see the image on the shroud in Turin in 2010. Not one of them brought an x-ray machine or a radiograph (fluoroscope).

imageThe rest of the article is very interesting over at Buddhist in the Bible Belt: Talk Thursday: Resurrection. I’m not sure, however, that I understand exactly what is meant by resurrection or reincarnation any more than what is meant by radiograph.