imageAn excellent look at tonight’s premier showing of “Jesus: The Lost 40 Days” appears in World Net Daily. The article is written by Jerome R. Corsi, author of The Shroud Codex.


What really happened during ‘Lost 40 Days’?

3D graphics bring ‘real Jesus’ to life for History Channel Easter program

Biblical accounts of what Jesus did on Earth for the 40 days between his resurrection on what is celebrated now across America as Easter and his ascension are sparse, but a new project by the History Channel, titled "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days," offers insight into one of the least-documented times in his life as a man.

The project explains that non-biblical sources could reveal "astonishing information and detail about these seemingly lost 40 days."

– – It is scheduled to premiere tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on History – –

The project is based on the work of Ray Downing and his 2010 History Channel Special, "The Real Face of Jesus" that attracted worldwide attention at its own premiere.

Image from "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days"

The History Channel explains, "According to the Bible, Jesus came back from the dead and walked the Earth for 40 days before ascending to heaven. But the New Testament reveals little about this defining miracle of the Christian faith.

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