imageTrinity is my parish church, so forgive me if I post about it. Palm Sunday, with its procession from St. Paul’s Chapel down Broadway to Trinity at Wall Street is one of my favorite feast days of the year.

St. Paul’s, where the procession begins and palms are blessed and sprinkled with Holy Water, is a Trinity chapel several blocks away made famous as the miracle church on 9/11, the church that didn’t fall, the church that was used as a place for rescue workers to sleep, eat and pray.

imageA webcast from Trinity begins today at approximately at 11:15AM with The Liturgy of the Passion and the Eucharist.

Offertory Anthem: Hosanna to the Son of David – Thomas Weelkes

Communion Anthem: Tristis est anima mea – Francis Poulenc

Performers: The Trinity Choir, Family Choir, Chapel Singers, and Trinity Youth Chorus, all conducted by Julian Wachner