imageIn a blog posting today, Jamie Carie asked Pamela Ewen, author of the novel, Secret of the Shroud, “Why now have science and faith merged to reveal the image on this cloth?”

Her answer:

Secret of the Shroud is a rerelease of my earlier novel titled Walk Back The Cat, with new, updated information on the Shroud. Last May my husband, Jimmy, and I went to Turin for a rare exhibition of the cloth, only the 5th time it’s been publically exhibited since the 15th century.  We changed the title of the book because we realized that the central focus of the story should be the Shroud, particularly given the new evidence available. The trip to Turin was a pilgrimage for us. I have pictures and a blog from that trip on my

It’s almost impossible to describe the feelings I had finally standing before the Shroud. But as I wrote in the book – after I prayed, I walked into the dark cathedral in Turin, and I believe I looked upon the face of the Messiah.

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