imageNice perspective by Lindsey K Rietzsch over at Stand a Little Taller on four images of Jesus: 1) "Christ in Red Robe" by Del Parson, 2) "Prince of Peace" by Akiane Kramarik, 3) Scientific Rendering "the Real Face of Jesus Christ" (as featured on the History Channel) by Ray Downing and 4) "Christ’s Image" by Heinrich Hofmann.

I have recently been drawn to various depictions of the Savior Jesus Christ especially those claimed to be the most accurate images of his face. It’s been spiritually uplifting for me to compare the similarities of these images and learn the stories behind the artists and their artwork. Here are the four I found to be most fascinating. At the bottom of this blog post I share with you my thoughts and feelings about the real face of Christ.

Stand a Little Taller: The Real Face of Christ

AND: Here is a link that brings together several recent postings in this blog that have included the Akiane image of Jesus.