imageimageThe BBC is now on the story:

Images and research about the Turin Shroud are set to be showcased at Wells Cathedral over April.

Although the Shroud itself will not form part of the exhibition, a replica and detailed photographs are included.

The Turin Shroud is a linen cloth which measures 1.21m by 4.42m. It is kept at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Turin, Italy.

It shows an impression of a bearded, crucified man, laid out in death and is believed by some to be Jesus Christ.

But the Shroud has been surrounded by controversy because scientists and the church have been unable to agree on whether it is authentic.

Along with the exhibition two lectures have been planned on the subject.

imageThe speaker will be the former NASA scientist Ed Prior, who has studied the subject extensively.

He said: "Modern science is still unable to explain when or how the image was formed despite many days in 1978 spent studying the Shroud by a team of international researchers and an attempt in 1988 by three major universities, including Oxford to carbon date the cloth."

The exhibition runs between 16 and 27 April in the Chapter House, Wells Cathedral.

Although the exhibition will be free, tickets for the two lectures on 18 and 20 April cost £5 each.

Organisers say advance booking is recommended.

BBC News – Turin Shroud exhibition held at Wells Cathedral