imageAntonio Lombatti:

Shame on you all bibliobloggers — so quick to write blog posts about the presumed ‘lead codices’ hoax; but you have never penned a single word on the greatest biblical forgery of all times: the Shroud of Turin. Never.

I have seven posting about the the lead codices, which at this time from what I’ve been able to learn, I think are fake.

As this blog attests, I have written a great deal about the Shroud of Turin. But I don’t count as far as Lombatti is concerned because I am not really a biblioblogger, that is, one who maintains a blog with a significant focus on biblical studies.

Nor is he, really. Of course, I don’t agree with him on the Shroud of Turin so let’s see if he provides a link back to me. Here are links to the seven lead codices postings in my blog:

And here is a link to Lombatti: Talking about biblical forgeries