imageHe writes in The Church Mouse Blog: "New find" of 1st century texts?

Mouse read about this story a week or so ago, but now that the BBC have hit upon the story, it seems to have gone global.  The news is that 70 small lead tablets, bound together with wire, have been found and appear to be texts dating from the time of Jesus.

Just so Mouse’s views are clear early on, he is pretty skeptical about their authenticity.

It would be a bit difficult to doctor the Shroud of Turin at this point, or for that matter to inscribe it with anything ever, but the mouse’s point is nonetheless valid when he writes:

imageAs for the tantalising quote asking ‘what are they a forgery of’, Mouse can only point out that one could apply that logic to any number of relics, from the Turin Shroud on.  The trick is often actually to take an artefact from the era and add an inscription which turns it into a Biblical artefact.  Since it is virtually impossible to tell when an engraving is made, it is very hard to tell whether it is genuine or not.