imageNazia Parveen in the Lancashire Telegraph is reporting:

FOR more than 200 years Stonyhurst College has cared for its most precious artefact — a thorn said to be from the crown forced onto Christ’s head at his crucifixion.

Now it is being loaned to the British Museum for a new exhibition for thousands of visitors to enjoy.

The Crown Of Thorns is said to have been seized from Constantinople, the imperial capital of the Roman Empire, in the Fourth Crusade and was later sold to King Louis IX of France whilst he was in Venice.

. . . Jan Graffius, curator at the Stonyhurst, said: “It is an incredible object and we are really delighted that it will form part of the British Museum exhibition. . . .

A story in the Daily Mail adds a short article on the Shroud of Turin. That is to be expected. Also, as is the case in such stories, the comments are filled criticisms, not of just the relic’s possible authenticity, but of Christianity and all religion. This, too, is to be expected in mainstream media on the Internet.

See: Ribble Valley college loans ‘thorn of Christ’ to British Museum (From Lancashire Telegraph)