imageIt is called the Inner West Courier. It is a Sydney, Australia daily tabloid paper with “local news, council news, latest news, sports and weather.” It has picked up on the the Vincent Ruello claims about new things on the Shroud of Turin that no one has ever seen before. Ruello, to support his claim, is uploading tiny and shaky videos to YouTube to the Vinny Pop channel.

After I had discussed his claims in this blog, Mr. Ruello wrote to me, very upset because I did not believe him without some documentation. His videos make no sense. As far as I could tell from his emails and comments to me, he thought that he was discovering new information in a picture of the shroud by re-photographing it over and over with a handheld video camera at slightly different angles. He even thought he was creating xray images with this method.

He was so upset with me, he told me he would never contact me again and henceforth would only deal with the Vatican and its scientists. I figured that would be the end of it. Well, he wrote to me today about the article shown below. You couldn’t make it up. Really!

There is also a long discussion over at “Wikipedia Talk” where some anonymous individual (hmmm?) has written, “I consider [Mr. Ruello] the greatest scientific mind since Leonardo DaVinci and Albert Einstein.”

Let us hope this ridiculous series of claims does not make it into Wikipedia unless his technique (fourth paragraph from the bottom below) which manufactures visual noise actually creates images of real toes.

“[M]y discoveries could rewrite biblical history,” he tells us, “because they didn’t write in the bible that three toes had been ripped off . . . .”

Sorry, Mr. Ruello, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. But I do think you should stop uploading all these videos to YouTube and trying to edit Wikipedia until you can get another scientist or two to agree with you.  image