image The school is a mystery, at least from a quick look at the blog. But this blog from teachers at the school seems to be the main method by which teachers communicate with parents. Here is an extract from a recent posting:

From Mrs. Brown: Your 5th grader has been given an intriguing assignment: decide if he/she believes if the Shroud of Turin is really the burial cloth of Christ, or a hoax. I’ve given the students a brief description of the Shroud, with some opinions for and against its authenticity. In class, we’re watching "The Real Face of Jesus" DVD from the History Channel. That’s just the starting point! I’d like your child, with your help, to do some research on-line to gather more information on the Shroud. Based on this research, I’d like your child to state his/her opinion about the Shroud and then fill in the chart (which will come home on Thursday, March 18) with three compelling reasons for his/her opinion, along with three subpoints under each reason. The subpoints must be related to the reason. We will use this as the basis for writing the opinion paper. Completed chart is due Tuesday, March 22nd.

Source: 5th Grade News: Monday newsletter 3-14-11