imageRead all the comments at Analysis and History of Jesus Christ | Pure Inspiration. From this site, you get the feeling that all apologetics are a waste of ink and breath. For instance:

Oh the Carbon dating can’t be flawed! Carbon dating is now the most reliable thing in the world ever since it proved the ark! Or was that just a one time thing? This is a 2 way street and you guys have officially ceded your carbon dating is flawed argument since you are using it to prove your Noah’s ark myth.

There is this choice comment:

NO, it isn’t [authentic], sorry. It is the shroud of Jacques de Molay, leader of the Knights Templar in the early 1300s. . .  A painting exists of Molay that is a copy of the portrait in the shroud. Mystery solved. :))

And this convolution:

Sorry, if the carbon dating had come out the way you’d wanted, you guys would be fighting tooth and nail against anyone who suggested the fire might have caused a false result. You don’t get to have it both ways.

And there is more.