imageYou may recall that back in September, I mentioned the novel, The Shroud, by Steven Meloan, Michael Meloan. I recommended it. Many people have. It has a five star rating at Amazon. You can purchase the paperback for $12.95. The Kindle version normally sells for $6.95.

However, yesterday, I received an email from Steven Meloan in which he writes:

If you think it would be of interest to your blog readers, we’ve reduced the Kindle version of "The Shroud" to $2.99 for the month of March, in order to make it more financially available to people.

Go for it. I really enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone. Here is a brief description from Amazon.

It is the near future, and a genetic research team from the NIH has been asked by the Vatican to use the latest findings of the Human Genome Project to shed new light on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. The lead researcher, Robert Strickland M.D., is an agnostic with spiritual leanings. But as the inquiry proceeds, it appears that this is indeed the burial cloth of the historical Jesus. The vestment’s bloodstains, and their genetic data, open up the possibility of cloning, which sparks international protest movements. The ensuing investigative journey–from Washington D.C., to Israel, to Belize–has global repercussions, and forever transforms the lives of all involved.

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