Vincent Ruello writes:

imageIn 2009 I developed a light filtration sytem which is highly advanced though simple in technique. 10 days ago I used it on the Shroud eyes which now reveal clear 3 d images of carved stones not Roman coins. These 3 d images of these stones prove the Shroud is not a painted work of art as well as disproving the 113 year old mystery about the coins which never made sense. My work which will soon be scrutinised by every Shroud expert on the planet is viewable at the link I posted youtube channel Vinny Pop. Enter my channel its the main clip visible.

Please print this and talk to me I will answer any questions sincerely this is the biggest news in Shroud research in 113 years and all we all want is the truth and I have revealed it and solved the mystery of the supposed coins.

Vincent, I looked at the video. I don’t see what I think you want me to see. It is 12 seconds long and very shaky. On the YouTube site, you wrote:

I do not understand the actual physics of the new filming technique I have discovered but what is of paramount importance is that 2 three dimensional objects have been identified on the eyes as real images of carved stones which prove that the Shroud is not a painted work of art.

As an “amateur . . . scientist” you certainly know that other scientists must be able to reproduce your results. You may “not understand the actual physics of the new filming technique,” as you state over at YouTube – that’s okay – but you must provide sufficient detail of your “filming technique” to allow others to obtain the same results and to discern the “actual physics.” It is an essential part of science, as you know.

Your statement that your film technique is “provan and true as he [meaning you, presumably] has also used the technique on the famous and mysterious photograph of the Lady of Light apparitions of Mary, in Zeitoun, Egypt,” is interesting but must of course be scientifically verified. It’s not a matter of trust but a matter of peer review.

I recommend that you write a detailed paper with the idea of eventually sending it to a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Send it to me, first if you like and I’ll look at it. I might have some questions or suggestions. One question comes to mind, now. You say your technique is dependent on “finding the exact degree of the window of light.” What do you mean by degree? Intensity, angular or diffused to what degree, temperature, etc. How is it measured? Why window light?

Be aware, I will be a tough critic. I don’t think there is sufficient data in the images to discern coins, stones or any object by any technique, whatsoever. I’m open to being proven wrong.

Your paper must be comprehensive enough to allow someone else to duplicate your results. This is the only way that your “work which will soon be scrutinised by every Shroud expert on the planet.”