Dan Scavone writes:

In the many copies of the Shroud face we find numerous similarities that point to the Shroud as the Ur-origin of them all.  I have to think that 2 curvy creases at the Shroud man’s neck is too striking to be merely random when we see them as a garment seam of several copies of JC’s face. 

Does anybody agree with this?

I do, even though I called it speculative. What I wrote was:

I think it is speculative to think they are copied from the shroud. Even so, there is a seemingly very strong coincidence. And the coin maker would probably not have known of the full length naked body on the shroud. Perhaps he saw it as a garment neckline on the shroud.

If I had had my morning coffee I would have emphasized the thought in the last sentence. My good friend Prof. Scavone is certainly right.