domenico significantly points out:

Arizona laboratory had four pieces wich weighed: 12.39, 14.72, 11.83 and 13.86.
Let’s remember that Donahue writing to Fr. Bonnet Eymard gave the weight of 14.27 instead of 14.72.

This is important because it shows that the weights provided by Prof. Van Haelst on page 5 of the paper “RADIOCARBON DATING THE SHROUD OF TURIN THE NATURE REPORT” ( were the right ones and they came directly from the Laboratory..

But Prof. Van Haelst writes also that those weights were taken after the cleaning procedure by Dr. Toolin.

Is this information also from the Laboratory? is it correct? or this is one of the many inaccuracies given by the Laboratory?


donahueAnd Gwen from Alabama sends along a copy of a Donahue letter to Claude Colntet. These weights are corrected in pen and ink revisions.

Click on the image to see a larger size of it. UPDATED: There is a larger size at:

Jull should be providing information about the facts of the 1988 carbon dating rather than a testimony of what he doesn’t see in a sample of unclear provenance and evidence chain. I’m not implying anything except shared public confusion by saying this.