imageJust a short note to let you know that Barrie M. Schwortz, the editor and founder of the Shroud of Turin Education and Research Association, Inc. (STERA) has announced the 15th Anniversary Update to  In an email to subscribers, he writes:

Our Anniversary Updates are always large ones and this one is certainly no exception. This update includes the public debut of the STERA, Inc. Image Library page that subscribers were able to preview last month.  The page has been enlarged since I first announced it and now includes nearly 300 images.

Also included in this update is news of a recent peer reviewed scientific paper by Prof. Timothy Jull of the University of Arizona that challenges the Shroud’s authenticity and a brilliant response to it by Mark Oxley, author of last year’s excellent book, The Challenge of the Shroud. This article is titled Evidence Is Not Proof: A Response to Prof. Timothy Jull and is a must read for everyone!

Also included is the latest edition of the BSTS Newsletter, updates to the Shroud Speakers Directory and the Links To More Information pages, news of several recent Shroud conferences, two new Shroud books and much more.  I think you will find enough new material  to keep you busy for quite a while!

imageFirst of all, congratulations to my friend, Barrie. Fifteen Internet years is nearly forever. is older and more comprehensive than the vast majority of websites on nearly any subject you can name. Over the years, Barrie has done an outstanding job of keeping the site current with new and important material. It is the single-most comprehensive and objective Shroud of Turin website.

And congratulations to Mark Oxley, whose book is indeed excellent, for his article Evidence Is Not Proof: A Response to Prof. Timothy Jull. It is indeed outstanding.

Much to discuss from this update and the paper in the days ahead.