Stephen Jones writes:

Thanks again for the plug. In addition to “Re: John Calvin on the Shroud #1” mentioned above, I have since added a concluding part#2.

Also, to that part#2 I have just now added the following conclusion:

“In conclusion, I am astonished how weak Calvin’s arguments against the Shroud were. As we have seen, they were mostly based on the Argument from Silence fallacy. Indeed, the Gospel writers’ silence on what happened to Jesus’ burial garments, having been unnecessarily mentioned as “linen” in all four Gospels (Mt 27:57-60; Mk 15:42-46; Lk 23:50-54; Jn 19:38-42) at Jesus’ burial, but then being obscurely mentioned in only two Gospels (Lk 24:12; Jn 20:5-7), points to their deliberate silence. That is, a silence that would: 1) explain to Christians where the Shroud and Sudarium came from; but 2) conceal from non-Christians that the disciples had recovered them!”


I never gave much thought to Calvin’s arguments. Stephen has done a service for all of us. I highly recommend reading John Calvin on the Shroud #1 and John Calvin on the Shroud #2.

Thanks, Stephen. Keep up the excellent work.