imageSo sayeth Edwin Kagin, national legal director for American Atheists.

From what I’ve seen so far, as long as the tax incentives are available evenly and equally to all takers, whether it’s an atheist museum or a pornography park, I have no cause to gripe.

The Atheist Museum might work somewhere but not in Kentucky. But, Mr. Kagin, they are talking about 900 jobs not 900 visitors. Pornography park? There you go Mr. Kagin, making sense.

There have been complaints because the Noah’s Ark Park is eligible for $37 million in tax incentive from the Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority because it will create new jobs.

According the MSNBC:

Protests over the nonprofit Creation Museum’s “recent origin” doctrine, including the belief that people co-existed with dinosaurs after God created the Earth about 6,000 years ago and that scripture trumps science when the two disagree, haven’t hurt attendance, the ministry [of the Creation Museum] says.

Projected to draw 250,000 people a year, attendance has instead topped 1 million in the first three years, it says.

“The proof is in the pudding; the Creation Museum is a success,” Zovath said, who predicts that the Ark Encounter also will exceed expectations.

I’m no creationists. I’d like to see an evolution park. That makes sense to me. Either way, the tax incentives make sense. Maybe this is how we should be explaining the Shroud of Turin.

Just kidding.