imageOn October 23, I announced in this blog, David Rolfe’s new site I wrote at the time, HERE:

So far, it looks great. There is much to investigate and report about this new Shroud of Turin website. In particular, the 3D content on this site needs to be understood. For instance, as with the Petrus Soons’ site, we need to know how much of the 3D image generation is algorithmic and how much is artful adjustments.

Looking again, it is looking wonderful and there seems to be additional content. I understand that the site will be officially launched on January 22, 2011.

I was impressed by the candor of four paragraphs on the home page starting with this paragraph:

The Christian religion does not base itself on an idea. It is based on a historical character who lived and was executed by Roman crucifixion. In the view of many who have studied the Shroud closely, Christians and non-Christians, there is a possibity, albeit a remote one and against all rational expectations, that this mysterious length of linen preserved in Turin is genuine and that the image preserved on the surface of its fibres is of Jesus of Nazareth laid out in death.

Do watch the trailer on the home page at