From CNN:

imageAnonymous Operations members told CNN Thursday their goal was "freedom of information. Any and all information."

And to achieve this goal they will attack and shutdown the “information systems” of people they oppose. Freedom of information, my ass. It is called cyber terrorism.

Now suppose that a bunch cyber savvy Atheists, tired with buying advertising billboards, decide to attach the sites of church or perhaps a Shroud of Turin website such as this. Or maybe some Christian fundamentalists decide to attack Richard Dawkins blog.

Is this the beginning of a new culture war? Here is the lede to the CNN story:

Computer hackers who support WikiLeaks released a do-it-yourself hacking tool online Thursday so other people can replicate the attacks they say took down the websites of MasterCard and Visa. They say is the target, with the attack due to start at about 11 a.m. ET.

WikiLeaks backers plan attack –