image“I think Assange is an asset,” you, PZ Myers, write. The military calls their weapons assets. Yes, in that sense, Assange is an asset: a loose canon. But that isn’t what you meant, is it? But on to the real topic of your posting in Pharyngula.

So “Why isn’t Jonah Goldberg unemployed?” you ask. Why? For wondering why Julian Assange has not been assassinated?  Goldberg isn’t recommending it, as you imply. Read the article, PZ, rather than merely quoting him out of context, as you do.

I don’t agree with Johah Goldberg’s apparent justification, in the past, of assassination in the name of national security. But I do support his right as a journalist to express his opinion just as I support your right to do so, and just as I support Assange’s right to do so. (Dumping stolen and classified or otherwise private government communications is not, by the way, expressing an opinion. Assange, in the role he has assumed for himself is not a journalist.

Nor are you. You are a college biology professor. As a militant Atheist you demonstrate a very hateful approach to religion. On your very successful blog you express opinion sometimes bordering on hate speech.

Do you recall, PZ, when you very publically and very intentionally desecrated a purloined consecrated communion wafer (which you called an *expletive* cracker). You did so by nailing it to a page of the Quran, which you then threw in the trash with coffee grounds. You photographed your act and posted the pictures on the web as an expression of opinion. Many people wondered then, and still do, why you are not unemployed.

It seems you have a right to express your opinion. Being a college professor gives you a measure of security. Try that as an employee in the private sector. Or in government. So does being a journalist give you a measure of security, as is the case for Jonah Goldberg. I wonder if the Chicago Tribune would have published your hateful action from your blog as a free expression of responsible, protected journalism.

Your hypocrisy is a free expression of opinion, but mostly about you.

Why isn’t Jonah Goldberg unemployed? : Pharyngula