It looks like the back door to married priests is through high Anglican rite churches moving to Roman Catholicism. Oh, and they can’t take this beautiful building with them. The Anglicans keep that. . It is pretty much people, vestments and a way of life only. CBC News is reporting:

imageAn Anglican church in Calgary is set to become the first in Canada to accept an offer from the Vatican to become Catholic.

The congregation at St. John the Evangelist — the only high Anglican church in the diocese — has felt increasingly isolated as the parent church slowly liberalized, accepting women as priests and blessing gay and lesbian unions.

"There has been very much a lack of unity," said congregation member Richard Harding.

Last year Pope Benedict XVI offered to let disaffected Anglican congregations switch to the Roman Catholic faith through the adoption of Anglican Ordinariates.

After months of meetings with Catholic officials in Calgary, the congregation at St. John voted earlier this month to accept that offer.

Under the new orders, which have not yet been created, former Anglican parishes will be permitted to maintain their distinctive liturgical practices, and priests will still be allowed to marry.

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