imageNew book or something. 2351 pages sounds like a short story, maybe ten pages long unless the font is really big or the page size is really small. It only seems to be in ebook form. The publisher, Smashword, lists Kindle but Amazon doesn’t have the title for Kindle. In other words it is a PDF file that I am welcome to install on my own Kindle.

Here is the publisher’s description at Smashwords – Immaculate Misconception – A book by Mark Stucky:

The mysterious Shroud of Turin has provoked controversy for centuries. Many believe it is the authentic burial cloth of Christ. Many believe it is a forgery. What if, however, there could be a final proof beyond any doubt that it was genuine? What if that proof went terribly, horribly wrong for us all? If you were told such a story by a barely glimpsed stranger, would you, should you, believe it?

The price is right at $0.99.  If anyone reads it, let me know. If the author wants to send me a copy I’ll read it and write a review. It is not that I’m cheap. I’ve just never heard of Smashword and I’m not excited about giving them my credit card number.