A reader of Stephen Jones’ blog writes to him (this is not the beginning of the letter so read the entire posting):

I have reason to believe the Shroud is authentic. These reasons are more spiritual in nature than scientific. However I do believe the science for proof is right around the corner. My belief more comes out of the book. I believe we are in a time where God is revealing more and more spiritual truths from the book.

Jones replies:

image What is already known about the Shroud complements the Gospels’ account of the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. But I doubt if there will be any more evidence from the Bible that will support the authenticity of the Shroud and vice-versa. What we already have is more than enough.

I agree with Jones and I don’t think proof is around the corner. In fact, I doubt we will ever prove that the Shroud is in fact the burial cloth of Christ. I think that we can infer it.

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