image Barrie Schwortz writes in a widely distributed email:

I am pleased to inform you that the website has been updated with some important new information. The biggest story is Pope Benedict XVI’s Appointment of a new Archbishop in Turin, who also becomes the official Custodian of the Shroud. 

But that is not all. This update  includes the addition of a new page on called "Reflections On The Shroud," where those who have devoted themselves to understanding the Shroud can express their personal stories and reflect on how the Shroud has impacted their lives.  The page premieres with Reflections from 28 noted Shroud researchers and scholars.

Also updated is the Links To More Information page, with the addition of links to several new Shroud resources. I have also included a news story about the Shroud replica that was presented to the Armenian Catholic Church in Beirut, Lebanon by a delegation from Turin and a feature article about an upcoming Shroud Exhibit in Wells Cathedral in England.

There is also info on a new Shroud video program available on a DVD that can be viewed in any of 16 different languages, news from STERA, Inc. and much more! You will find complete links to all the newly added content by clicking on the "Pope Appoints New Shroud Custodian" link on the home page. 

We will explore some of this new content in upcoming posts. In the meantime check out the reflections.