image It is hard to imagine even reading this book, Lost at Sea, by Bernie Schwindt, after reading this blurb from the publisher’s website. Maybe the publisher isn’t being fair to Mr. Schwindt. “Bernie, can you send me something I can understand?”

Mocked, scourged, and spit on, He is nailed and raised up into the branches of a tree where one side demands He get down to prove He is the Messiah; while the other side, after 1988 years of decay from this crossover point, admits to these huge carbon-dating errors and ask to be remembered at the end of time.

And this: What does this mean?

LOST AT SEA is about the transformation of Jesus upon this shroud of mystery where 12% more radioactive C14 atoms are metered in this spectrum by the accelerator mass spectrometer than on the stump of the tree Christ is crucified upon: Hidden with chalk slammed across this chalkboard down in the basement of a museum —with exclamation ranging from 1260-1390! — carbon-dating reveals the Trinity bursting into light, as these souls saw the Trinity roar up into light in 1945 AD in the branches of this bush where theses commanding tongues of fire burn away in this wilderness.

And this from a sample page:

After He shed His blood around His doorway where His crucified image appears upon His burial cloth, all hell breaks loose around this controversial three-dimensional negative image where the “radioactive mass of C14 atoms” in this carbon spectrum (C12 + C13 + C14) is charged and accelerated through this magnetic field to strike this instrument head square in the face inside this accelerator mass spectrometer, where it bears witness to the face of Truth crucified: The radioactivity level metered around His image shoots sky-high with 11.6 % more radioactive C14 atoms metered in His spectrum than on the stump of the tree up on which He is crucified.

With 11.6 % more C14 atoms metered around His image than upon the stump of the tree Christ is crucified upon, this “radiocarbon date” shoots up – at the center of this storm – 1292 radiocarbon years into the future … far away from where this soul below denies —with exclamation, “I tell you I do not know this man!”

The accelerator mass spectrometer meters that this mysterious image was fabricated – not in ad 30, but some 1230 – 1360 carbon years into the future – far from the stump of the tree they cut down for Him to carry up to this Place of the Skull, where they challenge Him below to get down from the cross.

Bernie, if you can provide some substantive explanations, I’ll publish them. For now, I’m stuck scratching my head.

Lost at Sea by Bernie Schwindt (Author)