From Down Under this bit in the Sydney Morning Herald

Catholic Mike Willesee will not be distracted from his one-man crusade to scientifically prove the existence of Jesus Christ’s DNA in the ”blood” on the Shroud of Turin.

This week’s claims broadcast on the ABC in a documentary which reckons Leonardo da Vinci was behind the shroud, labelled a fake years ago, have had little impact on Willesee, who friends describe as being ”totally obsessed” with his mission.

Willesee is in Los Angeles working on his quest. His glamorous wife, Gordana, a part-time make-up artist and devout Catholic who reignited her much older husband’s faith in the church, is due to join him in coming days.

Indeed, the Willesee home in Centennial Park is testament to the wealthy family’s Catholicism, filled with icons, statues, candles and images of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

Cardinal George Pell has been to the home to conduct Mass in Willesee’s private chapel, said to be as stunning as anything in the Vatican.

Willesee had the chapel fashioned out of marble. It is filled with flowers and candles and is just a hop, skip and a jump from the family kitchen.

And just where is he going to get a sample of Jesus’ DNA for testing?