image A friend just recommended the recently released novel, The Shroud, by Steven Meloan and Michael Meloan. “It’s pretty powerful,” he wrote. Here is a description from

image "The Shroud" is a full throttle ride through the culture war between science and religion. Geneticists battle Christian fundamentalists over the most important cloning experiment imaginable; the battle unfolds in a circle of desire, reason, and choice centered on a sincere search for the truth. Written with the authority of genuine biologists in a style that mixes Harlan Coben suspense with a dash of Dan Brown in the style of Dean Koontz, and characters you want to argue with in a bar while your motorcycles are parked outside. –Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., author of "The God Patent"

It is the near future, and a genetic research team from the NIH has been asked by the Vatican to use the latest findings of the Human Genome Project to shed new light on the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. The lead researcher, Robert Strickland M.D., is an agnostic with spiritual leanings. But as the inquiry proceeds, it appears that this is indeed the burial cloth of the historical Jesus. The vestment’s bloodstains, and their genetic data, open up the possibility of cloning, which sparks international protest movements. The ensuing investigative journey–from Washington D.C., to Israel, to Belize–has global repercussions, and forever transforms the lives of all involved.

It is available in paperback at Amazon. It has a five star rating at Amazon (17 5s and 2 4s). The price is $12.95. The e0version for Kindle version is 6.95. I’m downloading now. The Shroud (9780615352152): Steven Meloan, Michael Meloan: Gateway