We get this information from John N Lupia, the author himself, by way of a comment to an earlier post:

You can read my book on the subject of the Shroud of Turin being a Jewish tallit: The Ancient Jewish Shroud At Turin (Regina Caeli Press, 2010)
ISBN : 978-0-9826739-0-4
$27.99 + $4.50 shipping & handling

The book is apparently only available from the publisher as a pdf file on CD-ROM, requiring 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Normally, I would caution anyone about ordering a book over the Internet from an unknown publisher who seems to only have one book for sale and who is the only outlet for the book. But John is a known, though controversial figure, in the world of Shroud research. (He is a good guy). There is no reason to doubt that you will receive what you ordered.

As for the Shroud of Turin being a Jewish tallit, that is another matter. It is hard to fathom. I don’t think there is a single scholar out there who thinks John might be right. But let’s see. I’ll order the CD book and write a review. Stay tuned.