Shroud of Turin doesn’t match Bible’s words

Bloomington’s Pantagraph newspaper will absolutely has carried a recent AP story about the 1 million people would already made reservations to see the shroud of Turin in April and May of this year. One of the newspaper’s readers wrote a letter to the editor as follows:

While perusing your newspaper of Feb. 20, I noticed that you had included an article about the Shroud of Turin — always a subject of controversy, since it has not been absolutely proven that it is indeed the burial cloth of Jesus.

The idea that the church still promotes it, doesn’t make it fact. After checking with various Bible readings about the Messiah, Isaiah 50:6 states that his beard would be plucked out. Thus, that would make the shroud questionable since it shows a bearded Christ.

Carl D. Mathis, Clinton

Of course, there is always the possibility that the shroud is real and Mr. Mathis’ interpretation of a bit of prophecy from Isaiah is wrong, if not just a little bit too literal. That’s my bet.

See: Shroud of Turin doesn’t match Bible’s words

2 thoughts on “Shroud of Turin doesn’t match Bible’s words”

  1. >Isaiah 50:6 states that his beard would be plucked out.

    The problem is that some English translations of Isaiah 50:6 could give a literally minded reader the false impression that every last hair of the Suffering Servant’s beard would be pulled out.

    But according to my Interlinear Bible, the Heb. of Isaiah 50:6 literally is:

    “My back I gave to strikers and my cheeks to pluckers; my face not did I hide from shame and spitting.”

    This fits with the Man on the Shroud, whose beard appears to have been partially plucked.


  2. If people need a shroud to convince them that Jesus existed then the reason He came is lost on them. How about an empty tomb? If the resurrection did not take place then it really would not matter who’s shroud that belonged to. :-)

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