This is what the ad reads:

The Shroud of Turin: The Bible says it’s a forged image
of a fake Jesus from a false church

A little bit of searching on the website finds this entry:

Controversy and debate have raged over the Shroud of Turin since it was "discovered" around 1355 in a French village. Supposed scientific examinations have argued both for and against the authenticity of the cloth. No one could explain the source of the image on the cloth until recently. But all the effort, time, and expense could have been saved. The inspired history of the Bible provides valuable facts that condemn the Shroud as a fraud. Bible Christians can rejoice in the light of Scripture!

I’m not quite sure that I know where the Bible condemns the Shroud of Turin. Read more on this site and discover that the Bible seems to condemn just about everything else. Yes, it is true, you can prove just about anything with the Bible by ignoring what it really says.