Death Certificate on the Shroud of Turin?

This is the video that is getting so much attention. As I indicated in a previous posting, I am not convinced that the lettering is there. It would be wonderful if Frale was right, but I think there are too many unresolved problems. It is very probable that we are looking at classic pareidolia created by the photographs and background noise on the Shroud itself.

We’ll have to see how this shakes out. We need independent confirmation that the lettering is really there. That will take time and sophisticated image analysis. Until then, after consulting with several members of the Shroud Science Group, I remain skeptical.Don’t get me wrong,I think the Shroud of Turin is real. A strong case can be made, but this is not part of it.

One thought on “Death Certificate on the Shroud of Turin?”

  1. I’d like to know what do you think of the expert opinion of Prof. Mario Capasso when he declares the inscriptions are corresponding to an handwriting made between -50 to 50.

    Is this well-known papyrologist wrong and how, according to you, is it possible ?

    According to you, what is the probability for this classic pareidolia to be well-made enough that it can abuse an expert in his field ?

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